Telecom solutions for small business (SME)

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Connecting your teams, partners and customers to increase competitiveness

Your customers expect the best and deserve no less. Exceptional service requires exceptional collaboration and communication tools. Your competitiveness depends largely on technology, but business telecom solutions designed for bigger companies are often out of reach and not adapted to your reality. Not to mention that the time, money and resources to service and maintain your systems are not always available.

We understand how important technology is to your business, and especially how a service interruption can affect your business. Our cloud or on-premise solutions allow you to provide the same customer experience and features as large enterprises at just a fraction of the cost. Our focus is on data security, collaboration and efficiency to ensure that you get robust and reliable continuous services that meet your company’s specific telephony needs.

56 % of business leaders
say that progress in digital technology has already boosted their profitability.
21 % of Canadian companies
were affected by cyber security incidents that impacted their operations in 2017.
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