Telecom solutions for hospitality

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Connecting travellers and establishments to create an exceptional stay

As alternative hosting becomes more and more important, your customers have more choices than ever. A Wi-Fi connection is no longer enough to satisfy them and set you apart. Today, your success is based on an exceptional and personalized customer experience from A to Z. Connectivity plays an essential role in this evolution, allowing your staff to offer efficient and customized services at a lower cost.

We understand the direct impact of technology on the profitability of your business, the security of your facility and the loyalty of your customers. We offer dynamic telecom reception solutions not only to attract travellers, but also to make them want to share their experience and come back and renew their stay at your hotel.

74 % of hotels
planned to allocate part of the IT budget to security in 2018. 1
47 % of hotel guests
will be influenced by personalized communication to choose one hotel over another. 2
70% of hotel owners
feel that room service by voice recognition will be widely available by 2025. 3
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