Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure planning and design for SME and large enterprise

Unified network

Today’s companies are usually divided into two distinct network infrastructure: wired and wireless. Incompatibility and performance issues too often become a source of frustration for both users and administrators. And that’s not to mention the costs and loss of productivity involved in maintaining two networks.

When facing increasing traffic loads, team mobility needs and skyrocketing number of connected devices, a unified network infrastructure designed to provide direct, simplified and more secure access to all the information and tools you need to be efficient.

Ruggedized/Hardened switches

Stay connected and productive in any environment. Our highly secure and intelligent industrial switches allow your applications to remain highly efficient even in harsh environments or extreme weather conditions.


  • High speed switching in harsh, industrial and outdoor environments;
  • Running critical applications with reliability and security;
  • Power supply for high-power IoT devices at the edge of the network.


Designed for the most demanding software-defined operations, our stackable LAN switches for data centres offer high performance and extremely low latency.


  • Easy to deploy at a high level;
  • Automation of network service production;
  • Better latency and higher performance on the market.